About Kinley Exploration

Kinley Exploration is a world leader in Hydraulic Borehole Mining strategy, equipment design, engineering, and operations.  With over 35 years in applied HBHM solutions the Kinley team has pioneered a new age of Hydraulic Borehole Mining techniques and equipment with applied modern engineering principles.  The Kinley team, through its learnings in multiple real-world projects has made significant progress in the technical and economic viability of Hydraulic Borehole Mining with extensive modeling, surface testing and pilot projects in multiple resource types and access conditions.  The Kinley system and methods have received several recent patents.

Kinley Exploration is a privately held company, registered in Kansas, USA and was formed to provide unique solutions to the various resource sectors to target previously uneconomical or inaccessible resources around the globe.  Kinley’s technical team provides expertise in Hydraulic Borehole Mining, Engineering, Economics, Strategic Planning and Custom Equipment Design.  Kinley has provided unique solutions to help our clients create value in defining new reserves in previously uneconomic resources.

Kinley’s role is to evaluate access to a resource using its team of highly specialized personnel with 25 to 45 years of experience and to define economic workable alternatives with a hands-on approach.  They work to deliver an evaluation, test the methods, provide solutions, deliver the technology, train the workforce, and establish a new economic mining solution.