Colin Kinley Principal & CEO

Specializing in leadership and innovative solutions within a multi-disciplinary team.

Colin has over 45 years in the drilling industry and served in various capacities from remote frontier exploration and project engineering oversight through to full scale development. He leads a team of industry experts providing professional, technical and oversight expertise to domestic and international resource companies both in the mining and oil and gas sectors.  With expertise in defining integrated project management strategies and boots on the ground experience Colin is a leader in the development of frontier resources and creating value for all stakeholders.

Colin takes projects from the grease board to the field and to the board room in both public and private ownership. He has served as a senior executive around the world to multiple companies in remote and frontier areas to the mining and oil and gas sectors.

Andrew Mac Ewen Principal & Executive VP

Specializing in operations finance and innovative solutions within a multi-disciplinary team.

Andrew has over 25 years in the drilling industry and served in various capacities from exploration thru to development. He works within the multi-disciplinary team with an eye towards optimization of all processes from the start to finish of projects. With expertise across various industries and resource sectors Andrew has experience around the globe dealing with executives in the board room to the site personnel executing the projects. Andrew is hands on and experienced globally in bringing developed strategies to reality.

Andrew takes pride and ownership in the projects he works on and enjoys meeting the people from all walks of life on the projects.


Jan Tomanek Consulting Engineer & Geologist

Specializing in geosciences in frontier development and existing operations.

Jan brings over 45 years of experience in the extractives industries. He is a proven oil finder and proven reservoir developer, with a solid background in the geosciences as well as operations, engineering, and reservoir geology. His experience in many international basins, both onshore and offshore, generating and evaluating prospects along with working the details in reserve and resource evaluations. Jan’s experience across the multidisciplinary geoscience fields is a proven resource to all of Kinley’s clients given his vast knowledge of having reviewed many of the worlds now proven most prolific resource reservoirs.

Jan has earned certification as a Certified Petroleum Geologist from the AAPG and a Certified Professional Geologist from the AIPG.


Diego Rivas Consulting Geophysicist

Specializing in geophysicists in the conventional and unconventional resource sectors.

Diego brings over 35 years of extensive experience as a solution driven explorer with a strong technical and operational background within the international oil and gas industry. His hands on experience on both onshore and offshore environments, deep water depositions and in difficult tectonic regimes make him a valuable member of the Kinley team. He is very adaptive to finding creative solutions to problems and excels at making real time decisions. Diego is business focused with HSE and ESG governance with a keen eye for stakeholder engagement and value creation for all stakeholders.

Diego has degrees in Physics, Geology and Geostatistics tailored to the exploration and production oil and gas sector.